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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

It's been almost a year since my last blog. What can I say? no excuses, just wasn't sure where I was going with this blog.

I also have been busy. I grew Baby Hobbes Design and started selling on Facebook and Instagram. Frozen, the movie took over my daughters life and I been sewing Frozen inspired orders left and right and coming up with ways to make them special and one of a kind.

I went back to work, well for just a short time - but really loved being challenged outside of the house

Oh, and I had a baby :o)

We welcomed Liam Zachary on March 9th. Almost a year to the date of loosing my Colin, who was born Still. 

Life with two kids, breath, is so different from when we just had Hobbes. Babies are all different, and this little guy LOVES to be held and chatted with. Gone are my quite afternoons of sewing. Gone are my husbands dreams of a home cooked meal :o)

Anyway, baby is up and that means computer is down. 
See you all soon,

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