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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Styling a Six year old-one Belted Shorts at a time!

I blinked and my child turned SIX!

Hobbes turned 6 last week and to me, there is so much associated with "being six". 
You start 1st grade when you are 6...
You learn to read and write when you are 6...
You walk into school alone when you are 6...
You are not a "little" anymore when you are 6...
No wonder her style is changing so much-now that she is 6 years old.

A few weeks ago I wrote about Sewing Bold, Modern Beauty and I am continuing to search within me for new designs and fabric patterns that are bold and modern, yet have a feminine (girly) feel. I want to keep up with her styling ideas, yet preserve (at least for a bit more) my 'little' girl. Over the course of the next month or two, I'll be sharing posts, photos and insights about Hobbes Spring/Summer capsule collection. 

Recently, I started following a new (to me) designer Jilly Atlanta on Facebook and Etsy--really appreciating her 'clean-line' and 'breathable-feel' patterns designs. I just had to introduce my self and get to know her inspiration and her design values (more on values, ethics and handmade clothing to come) and within our first few chats-I knew that she is a designer that I can grow with. We decided that I will sew her belted shorts pattern (I have been searching for a slim fitting, clean-lined shorts pattern for sometime now) to introduce the Pat Bravo's Essentials II Fabric for Art Gallery Fabrics coming out next week.

I love it when there is a beautiful harmony in both fabrics and sewing pattern. The kaleidoscope beauty in Essentials II's Intertwill Azur, so graphic and strong is perfectly showcased in the purity of the belted shorts. I chose to pair the robustness of the Intertwill Azur and soften it up with the seemingly delicate Floralism Azur for the waist and the belt. I asked Hobbes to choose a top from her closet and with that, Spring/Summer capsule Look 1 is done. 

Hobbes wanted to show me how she can run and move in her new shorts. Then asked for a few more pairs. Happy Sewing to ME!!!
Special thanks to Art Gallery Fabrics for sponsoring this post.

Till next time, Happy Sewing!

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