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Friday, July 5, 2013


So I always had this dream of creating moments, and this past week I found my self enchanted by the many moments that passed by.

A few months ago I fell in love with an Amy Butler collection named Love. I have been staring at it daily in my sewing room, waiting for inspiration (otherwise I can't bring my self to cut into it). It needed to be saved for brilliance (or in my case, a moment).

Isn't this wild! It's the back of a little girl who was one with nature throughout the day. And you wonder why I am posting this instead of a smiling/posing Haley? Because this was my moment. She was free and had no care in the world. She was drunk on the sun and the sweet smell of blooming roses and lilacs. She was being wild; and I LOVED that this dress did not restrict her from bring her. 

Oh yea, and that the dress matched the scene. 

I am a little obsessed with this fabric now and can't wait to cut into it again.

And if you like a moment for you and your child, I have enough to sew 3 more of these one of a kind moment dress. Size nb to 6t. You can also customize it to have flower on top and purple/white chevron on bottom:

Your choice, $42 each.

And to make an even bigger moment, I'll include a elastic headband to match. 

Ok, now for the smiley/posed picture

And for fun, more of Haley's moment pictures:

And my favorite moment:
Ok folks, dress can be found on FB Page Baby Hobbes Design; please Like and Share. Message me there for the dress.

Coming up next:
To be or not to be, A Princess

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