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Friday, May 22, 2015

I wish I had better drapery

I wish I had better drapery so I can take it down and sew this jumper, just like Maria did in the Sound of Music. This was the first thought I had when I saw Create Kids Couture new pattern Makenna's Bubble Jumper. A sweet and playful classic look for our girls. And that's exactly how it turned out.

I was honored to test my fellow Create Kids Couture Tester turned Pattern Maker, Stephanie's first of two Patterns, The Makenna Bubble Jumper and of course, see how is wears on my Miss 5.

I wanted to stop and belt out "The Hills are Alive With the Sound of Music" during our photo session, because by the time I got my camera focused, Hobbes was already up a tree.

For those of you  familiar with my Miss 5, you know this is a very RANDOM, as my little Hobbes tend to sit out from any physical activities. I was excited to watch her in our outing that I might have forgotten to focus on the task at hand, and instead focused on her happy face and climbs.

And isn't that what you would expect from children's clothing. Wearable and spontaneous fun?

So let me point out why I LOVE on this jumper. First, look at that sweet peak-a-boo/cuff on these sweet bubble shorts. Hobbes rarely sports pants, and when she does, she has rules about the fit (rise and elastic has to be in specific place so it doesn't touch her little belly button.) She loved how loose this outfit felt, even with it's strategically placed waist band. 

When I research patterns, I look for items that allow the wearer to adjust and have long wearibility. As careful as I sew for Baby Hobbes Design I am always nervous that my customer may not fall into the 'average' measurement, especially when it comes to fixed straps. If you bought my dresses in the past year, nearly all had included BHD signature "Grow with Me" straps that assures my customer perfect fit and always an opportunity to adjust straps size. I adore these flutter back adjustable straps for that reason. I mean, it doesn't hurt that the look is precious and angelic, but the convenience of the adjustable fit is always a top seller for me when choosing patterns for my shop. 

The front bodice of the Makennas Surprised me too. I learned a new trick with fabric manipulation while gathering the fabric, yet still lining and professionally finishing it. The coverage on the jumper bodice fits more like a Pinafore, and it bubbles open on the sides while you sit. I do advise that while on a 6-12 month baby little chubs, you can probably go shirtless with this jumper; on any girl 2 and up, you are better off putting a tank or a tee underneath.

Gey your copy of this patterns along with Stephanie's other new pattern, Shiloh while they are both on sale here at

And here you go, Hobbes moved on from trees and climbed a little house in the park too. And the sweet jumper didn't hold her back. She could be the next Von Trapp sibling. 

Till the next pattern!!! -Merav

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