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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Everyday A Princess

Every day she's a character, but I sure appreciate the days when she isn't so literal with her cloths.

For the past year, Hobbes favorite princess has been Ariel from the Little Mermaid. From her birthday party theme down to any preschool costume dress up days. Knowing that she likes to pretend she is a (Disney character) princess daily, I often look for patterns and fabrics that will allow her to feel that way - and maybe make the morning routine go a bit smoother and faster.

While cutting out the Cheyenne's Ultimate Ruffle Tshirt by The Simple Life Pattern Company I collaborated with her favorite theme and made her an Ariel Inspired Everyday outfit. I cut soft Purple knit fabric for the Cheyenne long Sleeve Tshirt, with the sleeve ruffles option so she can imagine her hands are swimming in the ocean. I then took the Paisley's Open Back Peplum top and dress also by SLPco and turned my soft Jade knit fabric into a flowy skirt by cutting the circle skirt and modifing the band. Both my knits came from the Purple Seamstress, and you can find a ton of color options Here.

The end result is precious. And my little Hobbes feels like Ariel, but in an apprpriate Everyday Princess school wear.

Would love to hear about your Everyday Princess.
Happy Sewing,
Till next time

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