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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

On a hot summer day, SLPco mash and a cola drink.

What do you do when a pattern company gives you free range of their patterns, in order to dream up a new creation? You come up with a brand new look featuring 3 distinctive statement patterns. Oh, and you let your 5-year-old* choose any cotton print from your local Joann Fabric Store.
*A very smart 5-year-old who knows her mom likes to use props.

This week, I had the opportunity to mash up not two, but three patterns--including 2 new-to-me patterns by the Simple Life Pattern Company. I have been a fan of the SLPCo since its initial launch with the Lilly Lapel party dress; and wanted to get my hands on that lapel bodice for months. I wanted to twist it up and create a romper using the Breanna's Peekaboo shorts since Hobbes is into climbing monkey bars these days, and I like to keep her tush covered. The Breanna's have a sweet pair of ties to cinch up the sides. If you have been following me for some time over at Baby Hobbes Design, you know I love clothing with cinch-ability. Lastly, I wanted to make it very functional for my 5-year-old to dress herself. Even though the back of the Lilly dress is perfect, I wanted a roomy and open back and decided to include the butterfly wings look of the back pattern of the Mia Tieback Dress to complete my look.

What do you think? Retro Cola Romper? I think I need to submit this to their advertising department.

Since I am not a pattern drafter by trade, I had to really think outside the box to realize this creation. I now have a greater appreciation of the work that Katie Skoog and Laura Scaramello do when crafting beautiful patterns for SLPCo. Since I tested the Mia, (read Here) I had a good sense of the size and fit that I would need for Hobbes. I decided to cut one size bigger on both the front piece of the Lilly and the back piece of the Mia and add an inch to the length to drop the waist a bit.

This choice of mashup made a very interesting bodice since both front and back are both composed of 2 individual pieces. Once sewn, I had two individual mirrored pieces.
***Since I was not including the bias trim of the Mia, I added a 20 inch bias tape, sewn into each of the back piece.

And once attaching the bodice together following the overlap of the Lilly front and the tying Mia ties in the back, I had this pretty look.

Next I sewed the Breanna shorts according to pattern. In retrospect, I should have also up-sized the shorts one size bigger too, to match the overall easy-fit of the romper. Lesson learned for next time.

At this point, I waited for my model to come home from camp so I could check for fit. I haven't cut out the waistband (following the Mia pattern width, but also compensating for the Breanna waistband too) yet because I knew this is where I would have to add or subtract inches in order to close up the romper.

Ok, she is arching her back a little here :o). I checked the distance between the front (3 1/4inch), the side (2inch) and the back (1.5inch) and decided to add a 4 inch waist band (lining too) to allow for move-ability following the width instructions and elastic casing of the Mia dress.

Lastly I added a sash (4x my Hobbes waist measurements) and a head-wrap and it's a complete retro look.

The end result is pretty AWESOME!!!!

Thanks so much Kimberlee Franklin for asking me to participate in the mash. LOVE SLPco

Lucky Little Hobbes!!!

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