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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Skirt For the Ages

It's not often I count down the release date to a new pattern, but I have been waiting for the Nevaeh's Skirt to release for weeks, because ladies, this is A Skirt For the Ages.

Now it's my turn!!!

Introducing Create Kids Couture Nevaeh Skirt in Baby, Child, Tween, Women, Plus and Doll.  

I only tested this in Child size on Hobbes because I never really saw for my self. But now that it's released, you betcha I'll be hitting the sewing machine with the women's version of this skirt. Why should Hobbes have all the fun?

I made about 5 of these, and I couldn't believe that once I had the pattern cut, the skirt took me about 30 minutes to construct.

Hobbes was really into long skirt for the summer, and they look great for fall too. But for Back To School sewing, How fun do these 2 different pocket options look? I think she'll love collecting treasures for her Kindergarten class (sniff!!! growing up to fast).

Did you notice how the A-line skirt can be accomplished with a Slim of Full look? The full look has a bit of gathering at the waist before attaching the skirt. Since I love conserving knits-the A line Slim look is my favorite!

And for the full look, grab your copy of the Doll Nevahe Pattern too! I promise you will make tons of these in 15 and 18 inch size. They sew up so fast, you will make one of each to match your child.

And for more Nevaeh fun, enjoy this sweet video all about the great options with this Amazing A line Skirt:

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Till next time,
Happy Sewing!

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