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Friday, August 7, 2015

The Waiting GAME!!! A Summer worth of CKC Zack's V-neck Ringer Tees

The Waiting Game!!! A Summer worth of CKC Zack's V-Neck Ringer Tees 

It's been MONTHS since I shoot these pictures of Hobbes Little Brother-and today is finally the day I can share them!
Introducing Zack's V-Neck Ringer Tee Shirt in Baby, Kid, Tween and Men. Yep! Tested and graded in multiple rounds and up-sized so all the men in your life (small and big) could match!!!

As a tester, we are given a short amount of time to turn in a finished item, photograph and review it for fit and construction. Usually included are conversations while we are sewing about the fit and what works and what should be reworked. Testing a top like this Zack's V-neck could take me anywhere from a day to three days just to sew it. But I do it because I love the challenge of testing, and I feel fortunate to get the opportunity to do it; even if I have to WAIT months to share it!

I have tested clothing for Create Kids Couture for about 16 months now, since Hobbes Little Brother (HLB) joined us. I remember the first one I was ever asked to do had two button holes and I was so scared to do them. But after watching like 3 hours worth of YouTube videos I went for it. These days I offer these 'scary' button holes on most of my dress straps, allowing them to grow with the child. If I didn't get assigned buttons, I wonder how long I would have avoided it?

Same goes for the just released Zack! Since 2015 I made a resolution to work outside my comfort zone staring with working with stretchy knit fabric. WHAT WAS I AVOIDING??? Oh, I love the ease of cutting it. You never have to line it (conserve on fabric) and kids can just slide it on and off - works for me as HLB loves to wiggle around his changing table, making anything with snaps or buttons obsolete. Plus, you never have to zigzag or serge your seams, because it's knit-it doesn't fray.
****Items sold at Baby Hobbes Design are always finished, even the knits!

The V-neck is amazing to construct, very different from the round collar I can sew on the shirt bodice directly on with my serger. I had to slow down and use lots of pins and sew with my regular sewing machine. But once I flipped it right side out, I was like "wow" I can't believe that worked. The added sleeves bands are a bonus since I am personally not a fan of hemming sleeves-but serging/sewing a band in the round thrills me. And the opportunity to play with color blocking in the collar, sleeves and bands can spice the pattern up. Lastly, the pocket! What kid (and adult) doesn't like a shirt pocket to store little treasures in! You can create the pocket with knit or woven fabrics with a touch of stabilizer.

I love sewing for Hobbes Little Brother-I couldn't have imagined how fun boys clothing could be! The Zack's V-neck Ringer Tee has been a staple in his wardrobe this summer. As you can see, he has these awesome tops sets with matching Harem pants MBJM and I just ordered more knit fabric to start on his fall collection.

Pick up your copy of Zack's V-Neck top in all sizes today, while it's 30% off. Create Kids Couture
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Happy Sewing!

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