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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Making your first skirt

So I am very excited to post on my blog; I found my calling (well, at least for now) to sew. Sew for you, your kids, your friends, just sew. I get excited at fabric stores. I find insperation with every turn of an aisle and I can't wait to sew all the time. However, I find that I am sometimes alone with this hobby/job??? and I want you to join me and sew with me. Wouldn't hurt my pocket though if you get lazy and just buy from me.
So with that said, I am on mission to TEACH YOU HOW TO SEW.

In the next few days I will be adding step by step posts on how to make a 30 Minute Skirt (or less if you don't serge your seams). My made up Baby Hobbes Design Paper Bag Skirt for your little darling.

I LOVE this skirt; and partly because Hobbes likes this skirt (also made a pant/short version of this). My little 3 year old HATES anything tight Buddha belly and her cute little outie. She is always pulling skirts down and looks lopsided and too long in the front. I came up with this design because I wanted equal coverage but with out the 'pain'. In the BHD Paper Bag Skirt, you will find the waistband about an 1.5-2 inches lower than the top of the skirt. Say goodbye to lopsided-ness!

And stay tuned!!!

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