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Monday, June 24, 2013

So, you think you can sew???

I think you CAN!!!

I always wanted to learn, and my mother tells me I have it in my genes. My Great-grandmother sewed (hmmm, skipped a few generations) and my mother recall how she would travel to Paris and bring back beautiful fabrics and make my mom's childhood cloths.
My mother sewed out of necessity. Growing up in Israel in the 80's, fabric was cheap and cloths weren't. She didn't sew much (dislike?, mom?) but the few things she did make for me I cherished a lot.  I still to this day have a piece of fabric from my favorite shirt/pant outfit my mom made my sister and I when we were kids.
I wonder if I argued with her about patterns and colors as my little 3 year old argues with me. "Yes, I like pink, but not on a white background, not stripes, no flowers", and so on and so on. I gave up and just started taking her to the Fabric store with me and I let her choose. So far this month we made outfits that where Rapunzel and Aurora colors and bought fabrics with Cinderella, Strawberry shortcake and Ariel. Hmm, you see where this is going.
I actually don't mind, I love knowing that she'll wear it and I have freedom of pattern. Since Hobbes only likes to wear dresses, I have been making the SIG nature Delaney Open Back Dress pattern that forces her to wear shorts underneath. Success!

Anyway, back to sewing.So three years ago, just as Hobbes popped out I decided it was time to start sewing for her. And I started of without any patterns, just the idea that 2 rectangular cut of fabric, elastic and patience will somehow result in a skirt. AND IT DID.

So lets get together here next week and sew a Paper Bag Skirt together. Patters and tutorial coming up!

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